NEW Products - Items tagged as "Vegetables"

Not only will you find brand new items in here, but also new scents for existing products. Be sure to check this section often...I have Lots of new products available to list in my shop.
View all 15mm washi 1980s 20mm 20mm washi 25mm 27mm 30mm 30mm washi 7-Up 7up 80s 80s fashion 80s style A5 acrylic ALL of our Scented Stickers alphabet ambulance animal figures animal stickers animal toy animal washi Animals animals in clothes animals wearing clothes Apple Apple Scent apples arbor day ata Australia Australia stickers australian Australian stickers Australian Teaching australian teaching aids backpack clip baking balloon balloons Banana bananas bar of soap beach beach ball beach day bear bear sticker bears bedtime bee bell pepper BGM bike bird bird stickers birds birthday birthday cake Birthday gift Birthday Gifts Birthday Stickers birthday washi black black cat blank sticker book bleuets blind bag blind box blue bird blue flowers bluebell bluebells blueberries Blueberry Blueberry Scent boat Boba bone bones book bookmarks bow boy stickers Bread breakfast breakfast stickers bringing back the 80's brown bear brown cat bucket bumble bee bunnies bunny burger Butter Cookie butterflies Butterfly cafe caffeine cake cake stickers Cakes/Cookies calico camp camp fire camping candle candy candy stickers cappybara capybara car carrot cartoon castle cat cat bed cat lover cat stickers cat toys cat tree cat washi cats celebrate celebration celery chair character charlie brown cheese cherries Cherry cherry blossom cherry jello Cherry Scent cherry scented chic chick chicken chickens chickpea chicks chics children chipmunk Chocolate Chocolate bunny chocolate cake chocolate chip cookie Chocolate Scent Christmas christmas candy Christmas Gift Shop Christmas ornament Christmas sticker Christmas Stickers Christmas washi circus city clear background clear backing clear sticker clear stickers clear tape clear washi clover clown clowns cocoa Coffee coffee cup coffee drinker coffee gift coffee lover coffee mug coffee scent coffee shop coffee stickers coffee to go collector collector sheet computer cookie cookies cookout corn cottage core Cotton Candy country coworker cozy crayon crayon stickers crayons cry cup of coffee Cupcake cupcakes curated Danielle's stickers decorative tape deer dessert dessert stickers desserts diamond dill pickle dinosaur dinosaurs doctor dog dog at work dog house dog lover Dog Stickers dogs dolphin dolphins Donut Donut Scent donuts dr drink drink sticker drink tea drinks drop seal drop stickers duck ducks Easter Easter basket Easter Basket Filler easter bunny easter egg easter egg stickers Easter gift Easter gift for girl EASTER Gifts! easter idea Easter pack Easter Spring & Summer Stickers easter sticker Easter stickers eggplant eggs eiffel tower elephant encourage reading English garden envelope eraser Eucalyptus Eureka evergreen EverythingSmells Stickers exercise eyeore fabric patch Fairies fairy Fall Fall scents Fall stickers farm farm animals fast food fawn felt ferns fidget fidget toy file folder fire Fish floral washi flower flower washi flowers folk food food stickers foot ball football forest four leaf fox foxes France fresh bread fresh brewed coffee friendship friendship pin frog frozen fruit fruit eraser fruit scented fruit sticker fruit stickers fruit washi fruity fun eraser fun pen fun pens fungi fuzzy fuzzy stickers garden garden tools gardener gardening gel pen gift for friend gift for teacher gift for yourself Gift Packs ginger cat glitter goat gobble gold accents gold foil Goro Gorogoro gray cat Great 7 great catch Green Apple green washi halloween Halloween Gifts Halloween Stickers hambly happy birthday happy mail heart heart pen hearts hedge hog hedgehog Heidi helmet hippo hippopotamus Hodoo Holiday washi holo Honey hot air balloon hot chocolate hot cocoa hot dog hotdog houses hummingbird hummingbirds hydrangea ice cream cone ice cream stickers instrument instruments international international stickers japanese japanese stickers japanese washi jeans jello Jelly Bean Jelly Bean Scent jellybean jellybeans jiggle Joe Cool junk food kangaroo keychain kitten kittens kitties kitty kiwi koala koala bear koalas Korean stickers lamb Lemon lemons letter letter set letter stickers letterset lettuce librarian library limited edition limiteds lips lipstick list pad little kitchen little stickers Lollipop lollypop love Ludom mail Marshmallow mary engelbreit masking tape masking tape stickers matte vinyl memo microencapsulate microencapsulation milk mind wave mindwave mini sticker book Monarch Moo Chan moon moose motivational stickers motorcycle mouse Mrs. Grossman Mrs. Grossman's mushroom mushrooms music music notes musical mystery Mystery Box mystery pack nail polish narwhal narwhals neat Nekoni NEW Products night note pad notepad notes ocean ocean creatures octopus Orange orange cat orange flowers oranges ostrich oven owl owls pancake Pancakes panda panda bear paper paper house paper stickers parakeet parfait Paris parrot party partytime pastel pastry patch peanuts peanuts characters pen pen pal penguin penguins pens pepper Peppermint Peppermint Bark peppermint candy Peppermint Scent perfume Persian pet pet accessories PET tape pets piano Pickle pickle jar Pickle Scent pickle sticker pickle stickers pickles pie pig pig stickers piglet pine tree Piyoko Mame planner stickers platypus playground polar bear pool float pop fidget popsicle post card postal postcard potato praise word stickers praise words present Presents prismatic puffy puffy stickers pumpkin pie puppies puppy rabbit raccoon radish rainbow rainbow colors rainbows raisin Ramus read reading red red fox red heart red white mushroom retro retro Trend stickers reward stickers roll of washi roller skate roller skates Root Beer root beer float Root Beer Scent rootbeer Saien saint patrick SALE! santa Santa stickers scale scented bookmark Scented Bookmarks Scented Erasers Scented Pens Scented Stocking Stuffers school school supplies scratch & sniff scratch and sniff scratch and sniff stickers scratch n sniff seal collection book seal do seashells send a letter sensory series 4 shamrock shape stickers shark shaved ice sheep shiny Shinzi shoe shooting star shopping siamese silver foil skeleton skiing sledding sleep small stickers smoothie snacks snail mail sneaker Snifty Pens snoopy Snoopy stickers snow snow boarding snow day snowman snowmen soap soda soda pop soda stickers soup sparkle sparkle stickers sparkly spice sport sport stickers sports spring flowers spring washi squash squirrel st. patrick's day stack of pancakes stained glass stamp stamp stickers stamp style stickers stamp washi star star stickers stars stationery stethoscope sticker album Sticker Albums sticker book sticker flakes sticker patch sticker release sticker sheet storage sticker storage sticker tape stickers for boys sticky notes stocking stuffer storytime Strawberry strawberry ice cream student reward studio Inktvis Suatelier sugar cookie sugar cookies suitcase Summer summer flowers summer reading summer stickers sunglasses surf surfboard surfing swallowtail swatch sweater sweet smell of christmas replacement stickers Sweet Smell Of Christmas Stickers swim swimming Swiss Alps syrup tabby cat tea tea cup tea time teacher teacher gift teacher reward stickers teapot teddy bear tent thanksgiving Thanksgiving Stickers tigger tinsel tiny bears toadstool toast toaster tomato topiary toy toys tree tree stickers trees Trend enterprises Trend Stickers tropical tulip tulips turkey tutti fruitti tutti fruity Tutti Frutti Tutti Frutti Scent tuxedo cat tv unscented Unscented Stickers utopia vacation valentine Valentine Stickers valentine's day Valentines Day Gifts! van Vanilla vanilla cake vanilla cupcake Vanilla Scent vegetable stickers vegetables veggie vintage vintage stickers vinyl vinyl sticker Vinyl Stickers washi tape watch watch tv water bottle sticker water bottle stickers Watermelon watermelons waterproof whale white cat white rabbit wide washi wiggle wiggle pen wildflower winnie the pooh winter winter animal winter gear winter sports Winter stickers winter washi woodland woodland animals woodland critters woods Woodstock wreath writing yarn yellow cat