How To Shop

I hope you find my website very easy to navigate, but I wanted to give you a few quick tips to make your shopping experience as easy as possible.

Easily add items to your shopping cart by clicking the little blue carts at the top right

You will see little blue shopping carts at the top right of every product image (as shown in this example to the left). If you click the little blue carts, you will see your product fly right into the shopping cart. It's fun, and makes shopping very easy! You do not have to click through to the product unless you want to read the full product description etc.

These mini carts are especially helpful when purchasing a lot of items!

 I also have a very smart Search feature. You can search for specific products, scents and brands, or words like "exclusive", "unscented", "Christmas", "stocking stuffers", etc. 

Enough reading, go have fun shopping!