Holiday Scented Stickers

Here you'll find Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Spring, 4th of July, Summer, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Birthday Scratch & Sniff Stickers. These are great for Christmas cards, holiday and Birthday cards, grading papers, sticker albums, pen pals etc. You can even give out scratch and sniff stickers at Halloween instead of treats. I did last year and the kids went wild for them!
View all 1980 1980's 4th of July stickers 80's stickers abominable Advent Calendar ALL of our Scented Stickers American flag Apple Apple Cider apple cinnamon Apple Pie scent Apple Scent apple stickers apples Australia australian Autumn balloon balloons bat bats bear bears big sticker Birthday Gifts Birthday Stickers Boo boy stickers brains bringing back the 80's bunny Butter Cookie butterflies Butterfly Cake Scent Cakes/Cookies candy Candy Cane Candy Cane Scent Candy Corn candy hearts cantalope cantaloupe cantaloupe balls cat cherries Cherry Cherry Scent chic chicken Chocolate chocolate bar chocolate chip cookie chocolate chip mint chocolate cupcake chocolate ice cream Chocolate Scent chocolates Christmas Christmas & Holiday Gift Ideas christmas calendar christmas cookie christmas cookies Christmas countdown christmas gift Christmas Stickers Christmas Stickers-1 Christmas tree Cinnamon cinnamon apple clear clear scratch and sniff clear stickers Coconut Coconut Scent coconuts cookie cookies Cow craft cream cheese Cupcake Cupcake Scent cupcakes curated daisy dessert Dessert Scratch & Sniff Stickers dessert stickers die cut Dirt discontinued dog Dr. Stinky dreidel Easter basket EASTER Gifts! easter idea Easter Spring & Summer Stickers Easter stickers eighties Eureka EverythingSmells Stickers exclusive Faith that Sticks Fall Fall stickers farm firecracker Fireworks Floral Floral Scent flower flowers fox foxes foxy frankenstein fresh cut grass fresh rain scent frog Frosting Fruit Punch Fruit Punch Scent Fruit Scratch & Sniff Stickers fuzzy garfield garlic ghost ghosts gift gift box Gift Packs gift set Gingerbread Gingerbread Scent Grape Grape Scent grass grass scent grass stickers gummie bear Gummy Bear halloween Halloween candy Halloween Gifts Halloween Stickers hannukah Hanukkah hanukkah stickers happy birthday Happy Christmas heart hearts hedgehog Holiday holiday stickers holly jolly Honey Horse Stickers hot chocolate Hot Cocoa Ice Cream Ice Cream Scent ice cream stickers independence day Inky Antics jack o lantern jackolantern Japanese Stickers Jelly Bean Jelly Bean Scent jellybean Jumbo Size Scented Stickers! kawaii kitty ladybug lamb large sticker lawn leaf leaves liberty bell Licorice Licorice Scent limited edition Lollipop love stickers Magnolia Marshmallow Marshmallow Scent marshmellow matte stickers melon menorah mice Mint mint chocolate chip Mint Scent mixed shape stickers monster monsters moon moon sticker mouse Movies mud muffin mummy NEW Products noel nostalgia nostalgic party stickers patriotic Peaceable Kingdom Peppermint peppermint hot chocolate peppermint hot cocoa Peppermint Scent peppermint stick pig pinata Pine Pine Scent Pineapple Playhouse polar bear Popcorn popsicle porta craft present prismatic puffy stickers Pumpkin pumpkin muffin pumpkin patch pumpkin pie Pumpkin Scent pumpkin spice pumpkins rabbit rain rainbow red apple replacement stickers replacement stickers for spooky smells retired Trend stickers retro Root Beer Root Beer Scent rootbeer Rose Rose Scent roses rotten fruit round stickers SALE! santa santa hat scent your own Scentco Scented Books Scented Stocking Stuffers scratch & sniff scratch and sniff scratch and sniff stickers seasonal seasons skeleton skull slice of watermelon snoopy snow monster Snowcone snowflake snowman Spice spider spiders Spooky Smells Of Halloween Spring square stickers squirrel star star shaped stickers stars sticker assortment sticker flakes sticker gift pack Sticky Beaks Strawberry Strawberry Scent sugar cookies Summer summer fruit summer stickers sun sunshine Sweet Smell Of Christmas Stickers teacher stickers Thanksgiving Stickers The Stink Factory those stickers from the 80's top seller transparent Trend Stickers trick or treat turkey Tutti Frutti unicorn unscented Valentine Stickers valentine's day Valentine's Day Gifts Valentines Day Gifts! vampire Vanilla vanilla cupcake Vanilla Scent Variety Pack Scented Stickers vintage vintage scratch and sniff vintage stickers vintage Trend stickers Watermelon Watermelon Scent What does fall smell like winter Winter stickers witch witches xmas zombie zombies