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EverythingSmells - Home of the Scratch & Sniff Sticker! Absolutely every single scratch and sniff sticker that we sell can be found below. Seal a letter, grade a paper, decorate for a party with our scented stickers. Excellent for teachers, Birthday party grab bags, holidays, rewards, collectors.
View all 1980 1980 candy 1980 eraser 1980's 1980's erasers 1980s 3 wheel bike 4th of july 4th of July stickers 80's 80's candy 80's child 80's eraser 80's music 80's school supplies 80's stickers 80s 80s child 80s eraser abominable aliens ALL of our Scented Stickers Apple apple bubble gum apple bubblegum Apple Cider apple cider donut apple donut apple gum apple juice apple juice bubble gum Apple Pie scent Apple Scent apples ata Australia Australia stickers australian Australian stickers Australian Teaching australian teaching aids Autumn scents Autumn stickers babies baby Baby Powder Baby Powder Scent baby shower back to school Bacon Bacon Scent bacon scented bacon stickers bad smell balloon balloons baloney balsam Banana Banana Scent banana scented bananas bat bath bathtime bats beach bear bear sticker bears bee bees berries berry berry good beverage bicycle big sticker big stickers big wheel big wheel bike bike birthday birthday cake Birthday gift Birthday Gifts Birthday Stickers black cat black cherry black licorice blackberries blackberry blackberry pie blood orange Blow Pop blue bear blue cotton candy blue flower blue raspberry blue raspberry juice blue raspberry punch Blue Raspberry Scent blue sticker blueberries Blueberry Blueberry muffin Blueberry Scent bonkers bonkerz boo berry boo cereal booberry boom box boombox bowl bowl of cereal bowl of chili boy sticker boy stickers brains Bread Bread Scent breakfast breakfast pack breakfast stickers breathe bringing back the 80's Brownie brownies brush teeth bubble bubble bath Bubble Gum bubble gum ball bubble gum machine Bubble Gum Scent bubble gum scented Bubblegum bubbles bugs bulb bunch of grapes bunny Bunny Scratch & Sniff Stickers burger burgers burning wood burnt rubber butter Butter Cookie buttered popcorn butterflies Butterfly cabbage patch caffeine cake cake pop Cake Scent Cakes/Cookies camp camp fire Campfire Campfire Scent camping candle candy Candy Cane Candy Cane Scent candy hearts candy scent candy stickers cantalope cantaloupe cantaloupe balls car Caramel caramel corn carnival carrot cake cars carton gum cartoons cassette tape cat cat gift cat stickers caterpillar cats cauldron celebration cereal cereal bowl cereal stickers cheese cheese wedge cheeseburger cheeses cherries Cherry cherry coke cherry cola cherry punch Cherry Scent cherry scented cherry slushie cherry slushy chew gum chic chicken chicken nuggets chili Chili Scent Chocolate chocolate bar chocolate cereal chocolate chip chocolate chip cookie chocolate chip cookies chocolate cupcake chocolate ice cream chocolate lab chocolate milk chocolate mint Chocolate Scent chocolate scented chocolate stickers Christmas Christmas & Holiday Gift Ideas Christmas bulb christmas candy christmas cookie christmas cookies Christmas Gift Shop Christmas ornament Christmas sticker Christmas Stickers Christmas Stickers-1 Christmas tree Cinnamon cinnamon bun cinnamon roll Cinnamon Scent cinnamon scented circus clown coca cola Coconut Coconut Scent coconuts coffee coffee cup coffee drinker coffee gift coffee lover coffee mug coffee scent coffee shop coffee stickers coke Cola Cola Scent cookie cookies cookout cooler corn on the cob costume Cotton Candy Cotton Candy Scent cough cough drop count cereal count chocula country fair Cow cows cpk cranberry cranberry scent cranberry scented crayons cream cheese creamsicle crocodile cup of coffee Cupcake Cupcake Scent cupcakes daisy Danielle's stickers deer dental floss dental stickers dentist dentist reward dessert Dessert Scratch & Sniff Stickers dessert stickers desserts detergent die cut die cut stickers dill dill pickle dinner dinosaur dinosaur breath dinosaurs Dirt dog dog lover Dog Stickers dogs doll Donut Donut Scent donuts dooper dots double bubble doughnuts Dr. Stinky dracula drink drink sticker drinks duck ducks earth Easter basket Easter Basket Filler easter bunny easter egg EASTER Gifts! Easter Spring & Summer Stickers easter sticker Easter stickers eighties elephant eraser stickers es es stickers essential oil eucaliptus Eucalyptus Eureka EverythingSmells Stickers exclusive fair Fairies fairy fairy floss Faith that Sticks fall fall food Fall scents Fall stickers farm fast food fawn ferris wheel fir tree fire fire flies firecracker fireflies firefly Fireworks Fish fish bone flamingo flamingos flashback Floral Floral Scent floss flower flowers food fox foxes foxy franken cereal frankenberry Frankenstein french fries french fry fresh bread fresh brewed coffee fresh cut grass fresh rain scent fries frog frozen treats fruit fruit eraser fruit loops Fruit Punch Fruit Punch Scent Fruit Scratch & Sniff Stickers fruit sticker fruit stickers fruity fruity cereal fruity mummy fruity rings frying pan galaxy garbage pail kids garden gnome gardening get well ghost ginger Gingerbread gingerbread house gingerbread man gingerbread men Gingerbread Scent girl scouts Gnome gnomes grade papers grampy grandma grandmother grandpa grandparent grandparents day Grandparents Scent granny smith Grape grape bubble gum grape bubblegum grape drink grape fruit grape jelly Grape Scent grape scented grape stickers grapefruit grapefruits grapes grass grass scent grass stickers gray cat Green Apple Green Apple Scent green lawn gross gross stickers gum gum ball gumball gumball machine gumdrop gummie bear Gummy Bear halloween Halloween 2022 Halloween candy Halloween Gifts Halloween Stickers ham ham it up hamburger happy birthday Harvest sticker heart heart stickers hearts Holiday holiday stickers Honey honey bees Honey Scent Honey Suckle honeybee honeysuckle horrorible hot chocolate Hot Cocoa hot dog hot drink hot sauce hot wings hug juice hummingbird hummingbirds hyacinth Ice Cream ice cream bar ice cream cone Ice Cream Scent ice cream stickers ice cream truck icecream iced cinnamon roll iced donuts independence day insect Italian italian food jack o lantern Jello Pudding pop jelly Jelly Bean Jelly Bean Scent jellybean juice juice barrel juice box juice carton July club stickers jumbo jumbo bubble gum Jumbo Size Scented Stickers! jumbo stickers jungle animals junior mints junk food Ketchup ketchup and fries kidney bean kitten kittens kitties kitty kiwi kiwi strawberry koala koala bear koalas kool kool aid labrador ladybug large bubble gum large round large sticker large stickers laundry laundry day lawn lawn mower leather Lemon lemon juice Lemon Scent lemon scented Lemonade lemonaid lemons licorice Licorice Scent lightning bugs Lime Lime Scent limited edition lion Little Bunny Follows His Nose loaf of bread locomotive Lollipop lollypop love love stickers lunch box lunch meat lunchbox lunchmeat magic wand manure marigold Marshmallow Marshmallow Scent marshmallow scented marshmellow mashed potato matte stickers meat meatball Mello Smello melon melon balls menthol merit stickers mermaid Mexican food microencapsulate microencapsulation milk milk shake milkshake Mint mint chocolate mint chocolate chip mint ice cream Mint leaf Mint Scent mints minty mixed shape stickers mom-mom monster Monster cereal monsters monthly moon mouse movie popcorn mud muffin muffins mug mummy mummys mushroom mushroom house mystery pack mystery scent nana narwhal narwhals new baby NEW Products noodles norwhal nostalgia nostalgic nut ocean old shoe Ole Onion Onion Scent Ooly Orange orange candy orange color orange cream orange cream pop orange cream popsicle orange flowers orange juice orange peel orange pop Orange Scent orange slice orange soda oranges ornament outer space pancake Pancakes panda panda bear paper magic paperhouse party favor partytime pasta patch pb&j Peaceable Kingdom Peach peach dessert peach scent peaches peaches & cream peaches and cream peanut Peanut Butter peanut butter & jelly Peanut Butter Scent peanuts peeps pencil topper Peppermint Peppermint Bark peppermint candy peppermint hot chocolate peppermint hot cocoa Peppermint Scent peppermint stick pepperoni pizza pet pets phone Pickle pickle jar Pickle Scent pickle sticker pickle stickers pickles picnic pie pig pillow Pine Pine Scent pine tree Pineapple pineapple beach Pineapple Scent pineapple slice pineapples pink pink cat pink flower Pizza pizza box pizza night pizza party pizza pie Pizza Scent pizza scented pizza slice pizza stickers planets play clay play doh play dough playdoh playdough Playhouse plum pop pop Popcorn popcorn bucket Popcorn Scent popcorn scented popcorn stickers popped corn popsicle popsicles porta craft portacraft potato praise word stickers preschool Pumpkin pumpkin bucket pumpkin ice cream pumpkin muffin pumpkin pie Pumpkin Scent pumpkin spice puppies puppy putty rabbit race car rain rainbow rainbows raspberries Raspberry Raspberry Scent red apple retro retro candy retro gum retro Trend stickers retro tv reward stickers ribbon candy roasted coffee roller coaster roller skate roller skates rollerskate Root Beer root beer float Root Beer Scent rootbeer rotarty phone rotary phone round stickers rubber rubber duck saint patrick salami SALE! sandwich santa Santa stickers Saturday morning scented stickers scentsations school school lunch school supplies scooper scratch & sniff Scratch & Sniff Sticker Club scratch and sniff scratch and sniff stickers Seal seasonal seasonal stickers self care shoe shooting star sick skeleton skittles skull slice of pizza slice of watermelon smart and tart smart cookie smarties smelly stickers smoke smokey smoothie Smores sneaker snow cone snow man snow monster Snowcone snowman snowmen soap soap and suds soap n suds soda soda bottle soda can soda pop soda stickers soil solar system Sour Apple space spaceship spaghetti spider spongecake spring flowers Spring stickers sprinkler sprinkles square stickers squeeze st patrick st. patrick's day stack of pancakes star star stickers stars sticker assortment sticker club sticker gift sticker mail sticker pad sticker subscription sticker variety pack stickers stickers for boys sticky beak Sticky Beaks Stinky strawberries Strawberry strawberry ice cream strawberry kiwi strawberry lemonade Strawberry Scent strawberry short cake strawberry shortcake\ student reward sugar babies sugar cookie sugar cookies Summer summer flowers summer fruit summer scents summer stickers sun sunglasses sunshine super smelly Sweet Smell of Christmas book sweet smell of christmas replacement stickers Sweet Smell Of Christmas Stickers sweet tart sweettart swingset Taco taco tuesday tacos taffy taffy lollipop teacher reward stickers teacher stickers teeth telephone television tennis thanksgiving Thanksgiving Stickers The Stink Factory The Stinky Factory the sweet smell of christmas thermos those stickers from the 80's tic tacs tin lunch box tinsel toast tomato sauce tooth tooth paste toothbrush toothpaste tootsie roll tootsy roll top seller toy toys train train stickers trains trash trashcan tree trees Trend enterprises Trend Stickers trick or treat tropical turkey turtle tv umbrella valentine Valentine Stickers valentine's day Valentine's Day Gifts Valentines Day Gifts! vampire Vanilla vanilla cupcake vanilla ice cream vanilla milkshake vanilla popsicle Vanilla Scent variety pack Variety Pack Scented Stickers very smelly vintage candy vintage gum vintage lunchbox vintage scratch and sniff vintage stickers walkman Watermelon watermelon bonkers watermelon candy Watermelon Scent watermelon slice watermelons wax bottle way to motor wet dog wheel Whipped Cream white cat white flower wings winter winter friends Winter stickers wish witch witches witches brew Woodland woodland critters worm worms worst smell yellow yellow flower You're Tops yucky stickers yummo zebra zombies