Grape Drink EverythingSmells Scratch & Sniff Stickers



This is the scent of a certain brand of powdered juice we used to drink as kids. This is not grape juice. This is the real deal! Can you see and hear the commercials in your head? Remember going over to a friend's house and picking out your favorite flavor packet from an assortment on the counter, mixing it with water in a plastic pitcher, then drinking it down?! Those were glorious days.

I created my Bringing Back the 80's line to capture the 1980's look and feel of the stickers we all loved as kids. And that amazing strong scent! I hope my stickers will bring a smile to your face and when you sniff them you will be transported to your happiest of childhood memories.

  • Grape Drink scratch & sniff stickers
  • 2 sheets per package
  • 12 stickers per sheet/24 per pack
  • 3 images per sheet
  • Matte stickers!
  • Stickers are 1.125" round
  • True Micro-encapsulated scratch & sniff
  • Highly scented
  • Phthalate-free fragrance!
  • Nostalgic look
  • Made Exclusively by EverythingSmells in North America!
  • Collect all the scents!

This product, designs, scents and scents in combination with designs are a registered trademark of EverythingSmells, LLC. Bringing Back the 80's is a registered trademark of EverythingSmells, LLC. All copying is prohibited.

Customer Reviews

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I save these for the adults!

These are awesome. I hand out stickers to the kids at my church, but this one and your watermelon gum one I hand out to the adults only. Adults like them just as much as kids. Especially with these awesome designs and great scents. They are perfect nostalgia. I love it.

Kim Isley
Rad for many reasons

I love the Everything Smells brand scratch and sniff stickers because they are retro, they smell good, come in lots of scents and they say "Scratch and Sniff" on them. It's not 1984 anymore, so I think sometimes people see a little round sticker (like the old school Trend ones) and don't know what it is. Everytime I put a scratch and sniff sticker on a piece of correspondence and it doesn't get scratched and sniffed, the baby Jesus weeps. I figure spelling it out by putting SCRATCH AND SNIFF right on the sticker for the poor poor folks who didn't have such things in their childhood is a really good thing. Keep up the good work, ES, and happy 20th anniversary!

Fabulous & reminiscent

The Bringing Back the 80s sticker line never disappoints. These smell like grape drink heaven - takes me right back to ripping those little packets open to make a pitcher of sugary goodness. It's the perfect level of fragrance: not overpowering but easy to smell. These smell exactly like grape Kool-Aid to me. Love!

July (Québec)

Super, parfait, un must à avoir !
La senteur de raisin, c'est toujours winner.
🥇 _______ 🥇
Super, perfect, a must have!
The grape scent is always a winner.

Linda Erjavec

They were all great! My students love them!

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