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Remember recording songs off the radio trying to stop it just in time before the commercials started? Or listening for hours trying to catch your favorite song? Oh those were the days. Is there anything more iconic of the 80's than a Boombox?! And a cassette tape and walkman! Scratch & Sniff this bubble gum scent to bring back memories of listening to your favorite 80's music. 

My newest designs feature 3 unique images on a sheet. More 80's bang for your buck! 

I created my Bringing Back the 80's line to capture the 1980's look and feel of the stickers we all loved as kids. And that amazing strong scent! I hope my stickers will bring a smile to your face and when you sniff them you will be transported to your happiest of childhood memories.

  • Bubble Gum scratch & sniff stickers
  • 2 sheets per package
  • 12 stickers per sheet/24 per pack
  • 3 unique images
  • Matte stickers!
  • Stickers are 1.125" round
  • Micro-encapsulated scratch & sniff
  • Highly scented
  • Phthalate-free fragrance!
  • Nostalgic 80's look
  • Made Exclusively by EverythingSmells
  • Collect all the scents!
  • Made in North America!

This product, designs, scents and scents in combination with designs are a registered trademark of EverythingSmells, LLC. Bringing Back the 80's is a registered trademark of EverythingSmells, LLC. All copying is prohibited.

Customer Reviews

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Jolene Johnson

These are too cute! Love the bubblegum scent and the design is perfect!

Hummmmm !

L'un de mes nombreux préféré dans la Collection de Danielle. L'odeur de la gomme balloune est très présente. Ça sent trop bon ! Je suis très contente qu'elle ait pu avoir sa propre Collection d'autocollants qui sentent le rêve. Continue Danielle ! 🛼

One of my many favorites in Danielle's Collection. The smell of bubblegum is very present. It smells too good! I'm very happy that she was able to have her own Collection of dreamy stickers. Keep it up Danielle! 🛼

Bubblegum Box

Sweet yummy Bubblegum and music! A great pair. Love the designs!

These are awesome!

Great design! And they really smell like bubble gum! So excited to use these with some snail mail :)

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