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Remember the tiny bubble gum with candy coated shell that came in those little juice cartons? There was Apple, Grape and Orange. Why did all the good stuff have to go away? I would totally chew this gum as an adult. I've blended Granny Smith apples and apple juice with my bubble gum scent to create this unique blend sure to send you right back to a happy Saturday afternoon in the 80's.

I created my Bringing Back the 80's line to capture the 1980's look and feel of the stickers we all loved as kids. And that amazing strong scent! I hope my stickers will bring a smile to your face and when you sniff them you will be transported to your happiest of childhood memories.

  • Apple Juice Bubble Gum scratch & sniff stickers
  • 2 sheets per package
  • 12 stickers per sheet/24 per pack
  • Matte stickers!
  • Stickers are 1.125" round
  • Micro-encapsulated scratch & sniff
  • Highly scented
  • Phthalate-free fragrance!
  • Nostalgic look
  • Made Exclusively by EverythingSmells
  • Collect all the scents!

This product, designs, scents and scents in combination with designs are a registered trademark of EverythingSmells, LLC. Bringing Back the 80's is a registered trademark of EverythingSmells, LLC. All copying is prohibited.

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Teresa Smith

Love it

Apple Juice Bubblegum

Another excellent scent!

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