Washi Tape - Items tagged as "Penguins"

Washi tape is decorative sticker tape that can be easily removed from paper, projects, and surfaces. It's a fun way to decorate happy mail, bullet journals, planners, sticker books, and gifts.

View all 15mm washi 20mm 20mm washi 30mm 30mm washi Amalfi Coast animal washi apples April atari game banana paper beach beach day beach huts bear bear washi bears BGM bird bird washi birds Birthday gift Birthday Gifts birthday washi Bloemkoli bloemkolie blueberries Blueberry boat ride bow breakfast breakfast washi brown bear bunch of grapes bunnies bunny butterflies Butterfly candy candy washi cappybara capybara carrot castle cat cat washi cats cheerful forest Cherry cherry blossom chic chick chicken chickens chicks chics Christmas Gift Shop Christmas washi city clear tape clear washi clever clove Coffee coffee bean coffee cup coffee drinker coffee gift coffee lover coffee mug coffee pot coffee press colorful colors concert cosmo flowers country cows cup of coffee Cupcake cupcakes decorative tape dessert washi dill pickle Donut donuts doughnuts duck ducks Easter Easter Basket Filler easter bunny easter egg filler EASTER Gifts! Easter washi eiffel tower English garden Fairies fairy Fall Fall washi farm farm animals ferns Floral floral washi flower flower picking flower washi flowers folk art folkart food washi forest fox foxes France Frederick frog frogs fruit fruit washi fungi gamer gaming garden garden tools gardener gardening geese ginger cat goat gold accents gold foil grape picking grapes gray rabbit green happy new year heart hedgehog Heidi henrietta horse horses hot air balloon hyacinth Ice Cream ice cream cone iced donuts instruments January japan japanese washi July June kitten kittens kitties kitty lava lamp lemons Leo Leon Romer little lefty lou lupine lupines luxcups luxembourg magical March Marshmallow marshmellow masking tape May meadow mice moomin mouse mushroom mushrooms music music teacher musical narwhal narwhals neopolitan NEW Products new year New Year party New Year's Eve night November ocean ocean creatures October orange cat orange flowers pac man pacman panda bear Paris pastel Peach peaches Peanut Butter peanuts pen pal pencil topper penguin penguins PET tape petunia Pickle pickles picnic pink foil polar bear postal purple purple washi rabbit raccoon rain rainboot rainbow rainbow colors rainbows raincoat rainy day Ramus ranunculus red fox red white mushroom retro retro game robin roll of washi roller skate roller skates rollerskate rollerskate party Rose of Sharon Saien SALE! Scented Stocking Stuffers seahorse seal do sealife September shabby chic Shinzi shooting star silver foil snail snail mail snails Sotlight spring spring flowers spring washi squirrel stained glass stars sticker tape stocking stuffer strawberry patch studio Inktvis Summer summer flowers summer fruit summer washi Swiss Alps toadstool tomato tomatoes topiary tropical umbrella unicorn unicorns unscented valentine's day Valentines Day Gifts! vegetables video game washi tape whale whales wide washi wildflower winter winter washi woods World Craft yarn