Scented Erasers - Items tagged as "Soda"

Scented erasers to go with our scented pencils! Scented Erasers make great teacher rewards, Easter basket additions, stocking stuffers, and Birthday gifts. Collect them, trade them, do homework with them!
View all 1980's 2 in 1 baby penguin back to school bear bear eraser bears bird Birthday block eraser blue blueberries Blueberry Blueberry Scent bunny cake cake erasers cat Chocolate chocolate peanut butter Christmas Gift Shop christmas stocking cinnamoroll cow cows crayon crayons cupcake cupcake erasers Diener diener eraser dog dogs Easter Easter basket Easter Basket Filler easter egg filler easter egg hunt easter egg stuffer easter egg toy EASTER Gifts! easter idea eraser eraser case eraser collection eraser collector fanta farm fruit eraser fruit scented fun eraser gems gift for boy gift for girl Grape grape eraser Grape Scent grape scented grapes green heart hearts home school home school rewards ice cream icecream juice juice box juice carton juicy kneaded eraser mermaid milk carton Minion narhwal NEW Products Ooly Orange orange eraser Orange Scent organic milk panda panda bear peanut butter pencil pencil sharpener pencil topper pencils penguin penguins pink pochacco pop-a-point puppies puppy purple putty rabbit rainbow rainbow colors rainbows SALE! salted caramel Sanrio scented crayons Scented Erasers Scented Pencils Scented Stocking Stuffers school school gift school lunch school supplies sensory sensory toy sharpeners shiba shibanban soda soda pop stacking eraser stocking stuffer strawberries strawberry strawberry eraser strawberry scented student reward toy toys unicorn cat unscented Valentine's Day Gifts Valentines Day Gifts! Vanilla vanilla cupcake vintage vintage eraser watermelon watermelon eraser watermelon scented watermelons