NEW Products - Items tagged as "Wizard of oz"

Our product line is growing every day as we keep finding more and more scented products to offer you! Not only will you find brand new items in here, but also new scents for products that we currently carry. New items will be placed in here weekly, sometimes daily! So check back often.
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easter idea Easter pack Easter Spring & Summer Stickers easter stickers eighties elephant encourage reading encouragement eraser case eraser collection eraser collector Eureka EverythingSmells Stickers exclusive farm stickers flamingo flashlight floral flowers fox free sticker free stickers french silk pie fresh brewed coffee fresh cut grass fresh rain scent frog frozen treats fruit fruit eraser fruit loops Fruit Punch Fruit Punch Scent fruit scented Fruit Scratch & Sniff Stickers fruit stickers fruits fruity fruity cereal fruity rings fun eraser fun erasers fuzzy stickers garden geese gel pen gift gift card gift certificate gift for boy gift idea Gift Packs giraffe girl sticker book glitter Gorogoro grape grape bubble gum grape bubblegum grape eraser grape jelly grape juice Grape Scent grapes grass grass scent grass stickers green apple gumball gumball machine Gummy Bear hair hamster heart hearts hedgehog hippo home school rewards horse Horse Stickers horses Ice Cream jelly band jelly bean jelly beans Jelly bracelet jewelry juice juice erasers July sticker pack Jumbo Size Scented Stickers! juniper kabob kangaroo karate kawaii key chain keychain keyring kitten kittens kitties kitty kiwi kiwi strawberry koala bear kushy ladybug lantern large puffy large round large sticker laughing lawn lemon lemon meringue lemonade lemonaid lemons librarian library lifting weights lime chiffon limited edition lion Little Bunny Follows His Nose Little red riding hood lollipop makeup March sticker pack markers mars May Pack May Sticker Club May stickers melon mermaid metallic mexican mini sticker book minnie mouse mint mint chocolate mint chocolate chip Mint Scent mixed shape stickers monkey monthly movie stickers Mr. Men Mrs. Grossman muffin muppets Mystery Gift mystery pack mystery stickers nacho nail polish narwhal narwhals NEW Products norwal nostalgia nostalgic Orange orange cream orange eraser orange juice orange pop orange scent orange soda outer space owl owls panda bear pansies pansy parakeet party stickers pastel paw prints Peaceable Kingdom Peach peach dessert peach scent peaches peaches & cream peaches and cream peachy peacock pear pencil grip Pencil Sharpener pencil topper penguin penguins pepperoni perfume phone pickle pig pigs pine pineapple pineapple slice pinecone pink phone pizza planets platypus Playhouse polar bear polka dots polkadot pony tail popsicle popsicles praise words puffy sticker puffy sticker book puffy stickers puppies puppy purple purple flowers purple pie man rabbit rain rainbow rainbow colors raspberry sorbet read a book reading reading reward reading stickers record red panda replacement stickers retro roasted coffee roller skate roller skates rollerskate rose roses rotarty phone rotary phone ruby slippers sakamoto sandy lion Sandylion Sanrio scarecrow Scentco scented Scented Bookmarks scented bracelet scented card Scented Erasers scented highlighters Scented Pencils scented scrunchies scented stickers Scented Stocking Stuffers scentsations school merit school stickers school supplies scooter scratch & sniff Scratch & Sniff Cards Scratch & Sniff Sticker Club scratch and sniff scratch and sniff bookmarks scratch and sniff stickers scrunchy seal seal collection book September sticker club sheep shibanban skateboard ski skiing sleeping bag smores snoopy snow cone snowcone soda soda pop space spaceship special offer sports Spring Spring sticker pack sprinkles squirrel squish stars stethoscope sticker album Sticker Albums sticker assortment sticker book sticker club sticker flakes sticker folder sticker gift pack sticker mail sticker mod sticker mods sticker organization sticker organizer sticker pad sticker storage sticker subscription sticker variety pack stickers stickers for boys Sticky Beaks stocking stuffer storybook stickers Strawberries Strawberry strawberry cupcake strawberry eraser strawberry ice cream strawberry kiwi Strawberry Scent strawberry shortcake stripes student reward subscription pack summer summer fruit summer stickers summer treats surfboard surfing taco teacher teacher reward teacher reward stickers teacher stickers teddy bear telephone tennis tent those stickers from the 80's tiger tinman toto treats trees turtle tutti fruity Tutti Frutti unicorn unscented vacation pack vacation stickers valentine's day Valentine's Day Gifts Valentines Day Gifts! 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