Tea Time Animals Blind Box Toy


$4.99 $5.99

Oh just a bunch of animal friends sitting around on their cozy floor cushions enjoying a hot cup of tea.  Which one is your favorite? This is a mystery toy so you do not know what you are getting until you open it. That's what makes them fun. Will you get the cat, hippo, capybara, bird, or bunny? Collect them all!

  • Animal enjoying tea figurine
  • Figures are not stuck to the cushion so you can play with this item
  • Blind Box Toy
  • Price is for one
  • This item is not returnable once opened
  • Be aware you may receive duplicates as I have no idea what is inside each box
  • Unscented
  • Figures are 1” to 2¼”
  • Try to collect the entire series. Trade your duplicates with friends.

Customer Reviews

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Judy Woodard
I love this Blind Box!

I got the short yellow dude on the yoga mat.. honestly my daughter told me what he was... but i am old and can't remember.. but he is super cute.. super chill.. and sitting on my computer shelf so I can see him all day... I have to keep my granddaughter away from these things... she loves them as much as I do!!