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It's hot outside and you hear the hypnotic music of the ice cream truck. What will you pick from your 80's childhood? These strawberry ice cream stickers are the perfect blend of strawberries, cream, vanilla, and a hint of sugar cone.

I created my Bringing Back the 80's line to capture the 1980's look and feel of the stickers we all loved as kids. And that amazing strong scent! I hope my stickers will bring a smile to your face and when you sniff them you will be transported to your happiest of childhood memories.

  • Strawberry Ice Cream scratch & sniff stickers
  • 2 sheets per package
  • 12 stickers per sheet/24 per pack
  • 3 images per sheet: Strawberry Ice Cream Cone, Ice Cream Truck, Strawberry Ice Cream Bar
  • Matte stickers!
  • Stickers are 1.125" round
  • True Micro-encapsulated scratch & sniff
  • Highly scented
  • Phthalate-free fragrance!
  • Nostalgic look
  • Made Exclusively by EverythingSmells in North America!
  • Collect all the scents!

This product, designs, scents and scents in combination with designs are a registered trademark of EverythingSmells, LLC. Bringing Back the 80's is a registered trademark of EverythingSmells, LLC. All copying is prohibited.

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Kid Favorite

This is a sticker I have to replenish often in my sticker stash as the kids always want it. They love this one.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this website and the owner of this website (Danielle) is SO nice! Over the past 2 and 1/2 years (since first discovering this website) I have placed 9 orders. I own most of Danielle's Scratch & Sniff Stickers. I get SO SO excited when she releases a new scent/sticker! My top favorite has ALWAYS been the Peaches & Cream sticker. Fruity Cereal was a close second. But since recieving this Strawberry Ice Cream scent it is currently my new favorite scent! She does SUCH an amazing job at making her stickers smell very close to (if not exactly) like whatever the scent may be. This truly smells like Strawberry Ice Cream like someone mentioned in an earlier comment it has that ice cream smell to it along with the obvious strawberry scent. What I'm trying to say is it's not just a strawberry scent. I don't know how she makes this 'Scent Magic' but it truly blows my mind at how close & amazing these smell! If your a teacher your STUDENTS WILL LOVE THESE!! My 4 children decorate their :Take Home Folder's" with her scratch & sniff stickers and the other students and the teachers are ALWAYS asking my kid's where we purchase these? I feel like these would make such a great motivational reward for ANY child (or adult... no judging!) If you LOVE scratch & sniff stickers you DEFINITELY have to give her stickers a try! My top favorite scents are: Strawberry Ice Cream, Peaches & Cream, Fruity Cereal, Strawberry Shortcake, Vanilla Popsicle, Blue Raspberry Punch, Blue Cotton Candy, Baby Powder Doll, Soap N Suds, Play Clay, Blueberry Muffin, & Cherry Slushie.

Creamy strawberry heaven

The Bringing Back the 80s sticker line never disappoints. I adore the adorable designs (that ice cream truck!) and the incredible scent. It's the perfect level of fragrance: not overpowering but easy to smell. These smell exactly like strawberry ice cream to me. Love!

Sherry Martinez

These stickers smell so good!

Reviewer avatar
Moni A
Nailed it!

These stickers are strawberry ice cream scented! Yum!

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