Ultimate 80's Child Sticker Pack #2 *Exclusive!*


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Did you wear flip flops till the toe sling popped out? Did you leave your house at 8 am on a Summer's morn and not return until dinner time? Did you run through a sprinkler, ride your bike on concrete, grass, rocks - wherever it would take you? Did you watch Saturday morning cartoons while eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles? Did you want to be Pat Benatar in the video "We Belong"? If any of these statements resonate with you, then this is the sticker pack you must get your hands on!!!

The first packs sold out quickly so I have made brand new 80's sticker packs - no repeats from the 1st pack...all new stickers for you sticker fans out there.

Each pack is the same and contains Real Vintage 1980's stickers as well as some Vintage inspired stickers. ALL of the scratch & sniff stickers in this pack still smell!!! Vintage stickers are pricey and some of these are from my personal collection that I'm sharing with you! I hope you find the price reasonable as that was my goal. 

Okay, here's what's inside each pack!

  • Vintage Read Large Circle Sticker (styles vary)
  • Vintage Scratch & Sniff Shirt Tails sticker mod
  • Vintage Metallic Rainbow Stars Sticker Sheet
  • Vintage Metallic Star Award Large Round Stickers Sheet
  • Glow in the Dark Space Sticker Sheet
  • Dubble Bubble Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Puffy Where The Wild Things Are Sticker Sheet 
  • Vinyl 1980's Memorabilia Sticker Sheet
  • Critter Friends Sticker Sheet
  • Vinyl Rubik's Cube Sticker (wait till you feel this thing!)
  • Mrs. Grossman's Classic Nostalgia Sticker Sheet
  • Garbage Pail Kids Sticker Sheet
  • Rainbows Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet (fresh rain scent!)
  • Retro Mini 80's Paper Stickers Sheet
  • Vintage Hallmark White Horses Stickers Full Sheet (replacement for Marvin stickers shown in photo that are no longer available)
  • Bonus: One Vintage Bubble Gum Necklace! (colors vary from pack to pack)

That's a total of 12 FULL sticker sheets & 3 sticker mods in this pack! Plus bonus vintage necklace. All packed in a Holographic bag. Totally Rad! ;)