Scented Easter Bunny POP Fidget Mini


$3.99 $6.99

Push the bubbles down until they make a popping sound. Then push them back thru the other side. It's sensory fun, great for keeping in your child's backpack, and best of all they smell like CANDY!

  • Candy Scented Easter Bunny Pop Fidget Toy
  • 6 Pops per bunny
  • Assorted colors - choose from Pink, Blue, Yellow, Peach, Purple and Green.
  • Comes packaged in resealable gift bag
  • Will not leach onto anything else in your child's Easter basket if kept in gift bag it comes in.
  • Approximately 3.75"x2" out of package. 6"x7" in package.
  • Light candy scent! 
  • Price is for One.