Roller Skate Party Theme Sticker Club Pack *Limited-Edition*


SKU: SC422

If you didn't have a chance to join my Scratch & Sniff Sticker Club before I mailed out these awesome stickers, I have a small amount of these packs available so order yours while you can! Purchasing this item and giving a gift subscription to our Sticker Club means you have something to give that special someone on their Birthday or special occasion.

Remember going to a Roller Skate Party in the 80's? This pack will send you right back. Also makes an excellent Birthday gift!

This pack contained 4 Exclusive Sticker Sheets when it mailed out!

This pack contains:

  • Exclusive Cherry Cola EverythingSmells Sticker Sheet
  • Exclusive Chocolate Cake Birthday Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Exclusive Bubble Gum Boom Box EverythingSmells Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Exclusive Cake Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Pizza Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Grape Bubble Gum Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Vanilla Birthday Cake Scratch & Sniff Sticker
  • Root Beer Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Jumbo Pizza Scented Sticker (Assorted images)
  • Bonus: Sandylion Prismatic Party Sticker Mod
  • Club Member Letter
  • Holographic Sticker Pouch

Join our Sticker Club to get more great stickers like these sent to your mailbox every month! Club Members pay only $15.99 for ALL of these stickers! Plus they get an exclusive coupon to use each month AND a chance to win a prize! It's the BEST smelling club around! And shipping is FREE to the U.S. (Only $3 to Canada, Australia and the UK)