Mystery Sticker Pack #1 *Exclusive!*


SKU: 20MST-01

What's inside? A bunch of STICKERS! Do you like to be surprised? Do you LOVE stickers? So do I! This will be the first of many mystery sticker packs created here at EverythingSmells.

What I can tell you is:

1. There is a limited amount of these packs available.

2. Each pack contains the Same stickers. So if you order 2 packs, you will get the same stickers in each pack.

3. The stickers are geared mostly towards girls. However, if you have a boy and a girl, they could definitely share the pack. But I wouldn't order this pack for just a boy. Make sense?

4. There are 18 unique sticker sheets/mods in this pack.

5. Each pack contains scratch & sniff stickers, puffy stickers, Jumbo stickers, vintage stickers, gel stickers, and more!

6. ALL of the stickers in these packs are not sold on our website. Bet you're intrigued now!

7. Mystery Sticker Pack #1 comes in a purple polka dotted bag, sealed with a scratch and sniff sticker :)