MYSTERY Sticker Club Pack *Limited-Edition!*



Mystery Sticker Club Packs consist of random scratch and sniff sticker sheets leftover from past club packs. You have the chance of getting something rare in your pack - like sticker sheets that were exclusive to club! Each pack will be different, but you may receive a duplicate sheet or two if you order more than one pack. 


Mystery Sticker Packs Contain:
  • 9 Sheets of Scratch & Sniff Stickers
  • 1 Jumbo Scratch & Sniff Sticker
  • 1 Bonus item (usually a vintage sticker mod)
  • Scents will be assorted within each mystery pack.
  • Sorry but no special requests...these are already prepared.
  • Limited amount available.
  • There is no theme to these packs since the sheets are assorted from past packs.

Join our Sticker Club to get more great stickers like these sent to your mailbox every month! Club Members only pay $15.99 for ALL of these stickers! It's the BEST smelling club around! And shipping is FREE to the U.S. (Only $3 to Canada, Australia and the UK)

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