Make Your Own Cover Blank Sticker Book



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Design your own sticker book! The front and back covers are plain white and will work with crayon, pencil, glitter glue, markers, stickers or any kind of paint. The album contains 20 plain white pages, which are each re-usable on both sides. This is a very special sticker collecting album because it will not harm your stickers; the pages can be used over and over - and the stickers can still be used after being in the album! You will have hours of fun arranging and re-arranging your stickers, and designing the covers, front and back, and even the inside of the covers.

We love that this album has a spiral bound cover so you can easily open and close this book with use.

  • 20 plain white pages (double sided)
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.!
  • Album is 5"x7"

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