Animal Itty Bitty Jrs Eraser by Diener



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Do you remember these erasers from the 80s?! Turns out they're still being made! I was so excited to find them for all of you. My original collection ended up melting in the attic, sigh.

These come in assorted colors and are the Junior size animal erasers. So cute. There are 29 different animal styles. When you order more than 1 we will definitely assort the animals for you. Approximately 1" give or take.

The scent? Rubber. Childhood. Guaranteed to take your mind straight back to the 80s!!!

  • One animal rubber eraser chosen at random
  • Original Diener brand from the 80's!
  • Approximately 1" tall
  • Colors vary
  • Order more than one and receive an assortment of colors and styles