Ima Bubble Popper Whiffer Squisher (Blue Raspberry Gum Scented)



Whiffer Squishers are super slow rise squishy versions of the most popular Whiffer Sniffer scented backpack clips. Made from the highest quality foam, these super soft personalities are slow-risers and puff up to a sweet-smelling, intricately-detailed pal. Ima Bubblepopper is one of six characters in the second release. Her scent is spot on... she smells just like a blue raspberry gum! Each Whiffer Squisher comes attractively packaged in a colorfully printed plastic bag.
  • Super slow rise squishie from Whiffer Sniffers.
  • Blue raspberry gum scented backpack clip. Clip to your bag and take your collection to school.
  • Whiffer Squisher second release, get them now before they're gone.
  • Six styles available, collect 'em all.
  • Cute and so soft. Packaged in a colorful, printed bag
  • 3" x 4"
  • Squishy

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