Happy Hanukkah Scratch 'n Sniff Stickers (Allspice Scent)



Scratch 'em and sniff 'em for a burst of AllSpice fragrance! Acid-free, non-toxic, and safe for use on photos. Scratch and Sniff Stickers are popular as rewards, incentives, and collectibles. Happy Hanukkah scented stickers with cute designs of a mouse with a dreidel, presents, and Menorah.

  • Hanukkah Stickers
  • Allspice Scented
  • 30 scented stickers in three fun designs
  • 2 sheets total
  • Each sticker is 1" round
  • Vintage Trend Stickers
  • These stickers are not packaged. We were lucky to get some after they were discontinued. We will put them in a scent-safe bag for you.