Happy Christmas Sticker Gift Pack *Exclusive!* *NEW!



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Christmas Stickers are some of my absolute favorites so I've put together this wonderful assortment of Christmas/Holiday stickers for all of you. Inside you'll find Scratch & Sniff stickers, Puffy stickers, Prismatic stickers, Vintage stickers!!!, Vinyl stickers, Paper stickers, and Jumbo stickers! Decorate your Christmas cards, give as a gift, do some sticker booking with these lovely Christmas stickers.

All packs contain the same stickers. There are 10 full sheets plus 9 sticker mods plus 1 Jumbo Mrs. Grossman's Laser Cut Ornament sticker from 2010! 

  • Christmas Sticker Pack
  • 10 Full Sheets (3 vintage!)
  • 9 Sticker Mods (5 vintage! The Grinch and Trend SNS come in assorted styles)
  • 1 Jumbo sticker
  • Scents include Gingerbread, Pine, and Candy Canes
  • Scented, puffy, prismatic, vintage, FUZZY, vinyl, paper, jumbo, foil, glittery
  • Most stickers in this pack are NOT sold on our website!!!
  • Images of Christmas trees, snowmen, gingerbread men, Christmas cookies, candy canes, snowflakes, Santa, Winnie The Pooh, presents, and much more.

Why the $29 price? Vintage stickers are not cheap! But they sure are in this pack...I did not mark them up like they would be if you tried to buy them on Ebay. I simply covered my costs because I love sharing vintage stickers with all of you. Enjoy!