Halloween Themed Pencil with Scented Topper (Limited-Edition)


$1.00 $1.50

Here's the cool thing about these pencils...no matter how far you sharpen them down, they will still smell. Why? Because the scent is embedded into the topper, not the pencil barrel. Guess what else? Your pencil point will not break, because you can cover it up with the topper when you're done using it. Genius.

Pick your scent/style from the dropdown menu.

  • Halloween Themed Pencil with scented pencil toppers
  • No.2 graphite pencil packaged in their own reusable plastic tube
  • Use them as rewards - each pencil comes in its own freshness tube
  • Eraser on topper cap
  • Great Back to School gift
  • School supplies
  • Price is for 1 pencil

Available scents:

Fruit Punch Mummy's

Cotton Candy Candy

Grape Spiders

Pineapple Eyeballs

Caramel Jack O Lanterns