GLITTER Gummy Bear Scented Mechanical Pencil



Scented Gummy Bears top this colorful mechanical pencil now with a sparkly barrel and Glitter Gummy Bear! Our Scented Gummy Bear .7mm Mechanical Pencil have a sleek design with a solid base for comfortable writing. Every gummy bear atop this pencil smells like a sweet treat and kids will love squeezing and fidgeting with the bear. Each bear not only smells great, but also makes a great improvised stress reliever! 4 scents: strawberry (red), blue raspberry (blue), grape (purple) and watermelon (green).

The price is for 1 pencil. We will choose the color but you can make a request. If you order more than one we do our best to include an assortment of colors.

  • Advance lead with side-click button
  • Squishy gummy bear topper
  • Refillable; #2 HB lead
  • No eraser
  • Pencil approx. 7" long
  • Top Seller!

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