Gardening is My Life Sticker Pack *NEW!



For all of you that like to get your hands in the dirt. For all of you that swoon over a new shovel or gardening gloves. For all of you that like to walk your property and see how many flowers have bloomed since yesterday, this is the pack for you (and me).

What's great about this curated sticker pack is that it contains lots of stickers in their original packaging, and full sheets!

You will receive:

  • Paper die-cut gardening sticker sheet
  • Friendly Flowers scratch and sniff sticker sheet
  • Bears and Flowers sticker pack
  • Fuzzy Snails sticker pack
  • Hyacinth scratch and sniff sticker sheet
  • Prismatic Gardening Accessories sticker pack
  • Bunnies and Kitties Gardening Sticker pack with 2 sheets of stickers and 2 scenes to sticker!
  • Fuzzy Carnations sticker pack
  • Fuzzy Flowers & Strawberries sticker pack
  • Blue Hydrangeas sticker pack (3 full mods)
  • Sparkly Vegetables with Gold Rim sticker sheet
  • All packaged in a sticker gift bag

Snail toy in photo does not come with this pack.