Everything Christmas Sticker Gift Pack *Exclusive!*



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Christmas Stickers are some of my absolute favorites so I've put together this wonderful assortment of Christmas/Holiday stickers for all of you. Inside you'll find Scratch & Sniff stickers, Felt stickers, Prismatic stickers, Vintage stickers!!!, Vinyl stickers, Paper stickers, and Big stickers! Decorate your Christmas cards, give as a gift, do some sticker booking with these lovely Christmas stickers.

All packs contain the same stickers. There are 13 full sheets plus 9 sticker mods plus 2 felt peel-off Gingerbread People stickers!

  • Christmas Sticker Pack
  • 13 Full Sheets (1 vintage!)
  • 9 Sticker Mods (3 vintage! Frosty the Snowman and Penguin stickers come in assorted styles)
  • 2 Felt Gingerbread People
  • Scents include Gingerbread, Peppermint, Hot Cocoa, and Wintermint Smiles
  • Scented, prismatic, vintage, FUZZY, vinyl, paper, jumbo, foil, glittery
  • Most stickers in this pack are NOT sold on our website!!!
  • Images of Christmas trees, snowmen, gingerbread men, Christmas cookies, candy canes, snowflakes, Santa, holiday teddy bears, presents, and much more.
  • Packaged in a Pine Tree Clear Bag sealed with a sticker and ready to gift!
  • Winter Polar Bears stickers is sold out and has been replaced with Dr. Stinky Christmas Tree Sticker sheet.

Coupons not valid on this product due to the vintage stickers inside.

Vintage stickers are not cheap! But they sure are in this pack...I did not mark them up like they would be if you tried to buy them on Ebay. I simply covered my costs because I love sharing vintage stickers with all of you. Enjoy!