Dr. Stinky Scratch-N-Sniff Stickers Super Smelly Variety Pack Series 3 - The STINKIEST (15 packs)



Each package of Dr. Stinky's Scratch-N-Sniff Stickers contains 26 scented stickers (2 sheets) and 1 Limited Edition Sticker (hidden in sticker pack!). Sticker sizes range from .75" round to 1.25" round plus one large 3.5" sticker.

This variety pack contains 1 of each sticker pack from Series 3. Each sticker pack has 2 sheets (26 stickers), 15 different fragrances plus 1 surprise sticker, for a total of 30 sticker sheets (405 stickers).

Fragrances are Bacon, Campfire, Cow, Dirt, Fireworks, Fish, Garbage, Grandpa, Grandma, Hot Wings, Onion, Race Car, Smelly Cheese, Wet Dog, and Zombie! (When a scent is out of stock, substitutions will be made.) This is the Series 3 of Dr. Stinky stickers - The STINKIEST - and the Limited Edition Hidden Sticker will be either Bad Breath, Morning Breath, Dragon Breath, or Dog Breath!

Kids can never have too many stickers! Make sure to have lots on hand for fun little projects - decorate, embellish, give them as gifts! Scratch and Sniff stickers are perfect for teachers, students, rewards, collectors, scrapbooker's, card senders etc.

It doesn't happen often, but when a sticker pack from a Series is sold out, substitutions will be made. Usually this only occurs if 1 or 2 are out of stock, if more than that we make the entire variety pack out of stock.