Chocolate ScentSations Scented Stickers



These Chocolate stickers smell delish with their sweet scent. The neat thing about these stickers is there are large and small circles on the sheet. 

  • Chocolate scented stickers
  • These stickers are lightly scented.
  • Images of chocolate ice cream, chocolate dipped strawberry, chocolate banana, chocolate cupcake, chocolate bar with toothbrush, chocolate gymnastics.
  • 3 sheets per pack
  • 60 stickers per sheet for a total of 180 stickers per pack
  • Twelve 1.125" circles/Forty Eight 0.5" circles
  • Sold exclusively in the U.S. by EverythingSmells
  • A very limited amount available. Once these sell out they will be gone for good. They were only brought in for Sticker Club.

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