Chocolate Milkshake Whiffer Stickers Scratch & Sniff Stickers (Mikey Milkshake)



The Mikey Milkshake Sticker pack has a sweet and smooth chocolate milkshake scent! 

These scratch 'n sniff stickers come with 4 sheets per pack, 15 stickers per sheet, 60 stickers total. They're highly scented and here's the best part, they're matte! Not glossy. We get asked for non-glossy scented stickers all the time! Each sticker pack comes with its own fun Whiffer Sniffer activity on the backer card.

  • Mikey Milkshake is from Series 4
  • Collect them all!
  • Stickers are approximately 1.25" round.
  • Matte finish!

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