Chocolate Chip Cookie Scented Necklace



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When I was little I had a plastic Oreo cookie necklace with a bite out of it. I always went around pretending it smelled like cookies. This necklace makes that dream of mine come true. This one-of-a-kind, handmade right here in the U.S.A. by a very talented artisan, Chocolate Chip Cookie Necklace is so life-like...Take a moment to savor its delicious appeal; a bite-size ¾ inch chocolate cookie charm laced with that unmistakable scent of warm cookie dough and chocolate! The scented charm made from polymer clay is 3/4" and is attached to an 18" silver-plated chain necklace. The fragrance wafts up to your nose as you wear it! The fragrance will last up to one year but if kept in the original packaging when not being worn, will help the fragrance stay strong longer.

We just think this is the ultimate gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Back to School, Graduation, Anniversaries, Parties, Thank you's.... This is one piece of jewelry that will get you noticed. This unique item was made-to-order for EverythingSmells so a limited supply is available.

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