I Love Cats Sticker Gift Pack *Exclusive!



There's so many fun and adorable cat stickers in this gift pack that you'll want one for yourself and one for a friend. You will receive 9 full sheets of stickers in a pink paw print gift bag. 2 sheets of scratch & sniff, 3 sheets of puffy stickers, 4 sheets of flat stickers.

Cat Lover Sticker Pack contains:

  • Vanilla Scratch & Sniff Cats Sticker Sheet
  • Cinnamon Scratch & Sniff Kitties Sticker Sheet
  • Mrs. Grossman's Kittens Sticker Sheet
  • Puffy Purrfect Cats Sticker Sheet
  • Gorogoro Suspenders Kitty Sticker Sheet
  • Cat Butt Paper Sticker Sheet!
  • Mini Puffy Cats Sticker Sheet
  • Cat Stamps Sticker Sheet
  • Super Puffy Fat Cats (plus a few dog friends) Sticker Sheet
  • Paper Gift Bag (prints may not match photo)