Candy Cane Scratch & Sniff Bookmarks (100-pack)



These awesome Candy Cane Scented Bookmarks make an excellent student reward, tuck inside a Christmas card, or librarian giveaway for those extra good readers. There is a clear circle area on the bookmark where you scratch & sniff to release the scent.

Bookmarks for students are an ideal way to encourage a love of reading in your classroom. With fun bookmarks featuring their favorite character or design, students will be excited to mark their page and return to their story at the next opportunity. Reading bookmarks are also a great way to rewards to students who are reaching goals and celebrating milestones throughout the school year.

  • Candy Cane scratch and sniff Bookmarks
  • For best results, scratch top of bookmark to release scent
  • Bookmarks are not individually wrapped.
  • 5"H x 2"W
  • Student Reward!