Bringing Back The 80's Gift Pack! *EXCLUSIVE!*


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If you were lucky enough to have an 80s childhood like I did, you're gonna want to keep this gift all to yourself. But if you're the generous type, be sure to grab a few for your friends for Christmas, because once they see your Strawberry Shortcake keychain, they're gonna want one!

When you open this little pink box of joy I hope it transports you back to 1983 and all things magical and wonderful. Almost all items in this box are true vintage, with only a few exceptions.

Bringing Back The 80's Gift Pack Contains:

  • Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Figurine Keychain (You Pick!)
  • Fruit Scented Pop-a-Point Pencil
  • Unicorn or Rainbow Scented Eraser
  • 2 Vintage SNS Sticker Mods
  • Mello Smello Retro Jumbo Scratch & Sniff Sticker
  • Fuzzy Pink Cats Sticker Sheet
  • Vintage Pencil with Mouse Eraser Topper
  • Vintage Purple Star Eraser
  • Vintage Banana Scented Shirt Tales Sticker Mod
  • Mrs. Grossman's Holographic Unicorn Sticker Mod
  • Mrs. Grossman's Sparkly Rainbow Sticker Mod
  • Mrs. Grossman's Sparkly Roller Skate Sticker Mod
  • 4 Scented Glitter Jelly Bracelets
  • Vintage Sandylion, Hambly or Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Mod

18 nostalgic items enclosed in a pink gift box decorated with stickers and ribbon.

True vintage items do not come cheap, hence the price. Boxes will contain assorted colors for items. While I am allowing you to pick your favorite Strawberry Shortcake character for the keychain, please be aware that the styles may vary from photo shown. For example, if you pick Strawberry Shortcake, she will be one of 15 different poses etc. They are not mint condition, but a lot of them still have their original scent! 

What is a sticker mod? It's a term used to describe one sticker from a sheet with backing, or one sticker from a roll. Or a set of small stickers on one square.

Any questions, just ask!


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