80's Vintage Valentine Love Box! *EXCLUSIVE!*



This is a gift you're gonna want to tell your man to buy you for Valentine's Day or a gift you're gonna want to buy for yourself or a girlfriend. It's full of vintage 80's love! Get ready to take a trip down memory lane.

When you open this little pink box of joy I hope it transports you back to 1985 and all things magical and wonderful. Almost all items in this box are true vintage, with only a few exceptions.

80's Vintage Valentine Love Box Contains:

  • Vintage Hallmark Pencil with Cat Topper
  • Vintage Pencil with Heart Eraser Topper
  • Full Sheet of Vintage Heart Stickers
  • Full Sheet of Vintage Hot Peppers Stickers
  • Full Sheet of Vintage Pink Pony Stickers
  • Half Sheet of Vintage Huggabunch Stickers
  • Fuzzy Critter Clip-On (Assorted animals)
  • Lip Smacker Lip Balm in vintage flavors (assorted made fresh, not from 1980!!!)
  •  Vintage Mello Smello Large Rose Scratch & Sniff Sticker
  • Vintage Garfield Sticker Mod that I made Scratch & Sniff Chocolate!
  • Strawberry Scented Hair Tie
  • Vintage Valentine Silly Sticker Mod
  • Vintage Huggabunch Pin!

13 nostalgic items enclosed in a pink gift box decorated with stickers and ribbon.

True vintage items do not come cheap, hence the price. Boxes will contain assorted colors for items. 

What is a sticker mod? It's a term used to describe one sticker from a sheet with backing, or one sticker from a roll.

Any questions, just ask!


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