80's Child Mystery Sticker Pack *Limited-Edition*


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Images shown are from Past packs as an example of items that may be in your pack.

I made these Mystery 80's Packs from miscellaneous items leftover from all 6 past Ultimate 80's packs! So if you missed out on past packs, or really enjoyed what you got before, then this is for you. These packs are priced less because they contain less items than the Ultimate Packs usually do. I cannot tell you what is inside or it would not be a mystery, but here's what I can tell you:

  • Each pack contains 8 full sticker sheets (vintage and vintage-inspired)
  • Each pack contains 8 sticker mods (mostly vintage)
  • Each pack contains 3 non-sticker items (necklace, pen, pencil, pin, eraser, keychain, or toy)
  • All packaged in a Sanrio Vinyl Sticker Pouch
Coupons are not valid on this product due to its vintage items.

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