Shipping UPS for the Holidays

I will just be offering UPS until January of 2022. Due to the slowdown of USPS combined with the Philadelphia Hub being overwhelmed last year with holiday packages piling up, I am being pre-emptive and just shipping UPS for the holidays. Last year everything I shipped USPS from Black Friday onward did not arrive to their destinations until February/March! 

UPS rates are higher but you will get your orders in a timely manner and be able to track them. The shipping price you are quoted at checkout is $2 less than what I actually pay. I do not charge a handling fee.  As always, I offer Free Ground shipping in the U.S. with a minimum order of $75. 

I could go on and on about my reasons for not offering USPS at this time. Please just know I am doing what's best for my small business and for you, my valued customers. I will not be answering emails requesting USPS shipping.