USPS Shipping Delays

Let’s talk shipping.

Updated December 30th, 2020.

This should help you with ALL your incoming packages, not just from my company. First off, I never “fake ship”…this means if you are tracking your order and you see it say “A shipping label has been created but package has not yet been received by USPS” this just means they did not scan it. If you received a shipping email from me, your order did indeed ship and is in the hands of USPS. A big sigh of relief here.

There is a HUGE backlog going on with USPS due to the sheer volume of orders shipped the last week of November/first week of December. Your package is not lost, just buried. You can read more about what is going on here at the USPS Philadelphia Hub:  I too have about 6 packages buried at this hub that I wanted before Christmas. I will not be asking these businesses for my money back, as it is NOT their fault. And I know I will get my stuff eventually.

You will see orders you placed more recently show up, that does not mean your old package will not show up too. USPS is moving newer packages in transit and slowly digging through the piles of old. These orders will get delivered now that Christmas is over, but you may not see your package until the end of January, hopefully sooner.

So we all have to be patient and let the system work. I am unable to work any magic on your package once it leaves here. Wish I could, but I wasn’t given those powers…just 80’s nostalgic powers.

A tip. There is something you can do. I have found that this can speed up a package that seems to just be taking a nap in transit. Go to and file a Lost Package report and submit a Missing Mail Search using the tracking # that was emailed to you when your order shipped. If you no longer want your order, then be sure to check the box to have the order returned to me, the Sender. Once it is returned I will refund you for the products.

I want you to get your order just as much as you want to. I also am tracking my own Christmas present orders that haven’t shown up. I get it. Whatever you do, please do not ask for a refund from those companies that worked so hard to get you the products you wanted, my small business included. If you want a refund, file a claim with USPS.