Trend Retro Stickers - Items tagged as "Faces"

Trend began creating scratch and sniff stickers in the 1970s and specializes in creating supportive products for teachers and their classrooms. They were a big part of the 1980s sticker craze. Just recently they decided to re-release some of their original sticker designs, now referred to as Retro Stinky Stickers. All 24 scents and 2 sticker albums are available at EverythingSmells.

Disclaimer: Some of these Trend Retro stickers are not meant to smell pleasant and may cause other products in your order to smell like them. For this reason I place them in a separate bag to help limit the amount of scent cross-over during shipping. By purchasing you agree that EverythingSmells does not accept returns for opened product, nor give refunds because you do not like the scent. The stinky ones are: Lawn (smells like green peppers), Ham, Leather Roller Skate, Old Shoe, Onion, and Taco.

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