Speech Sniffys Scented Speech Stickers (10 sheets)


$5.37 $8.95

Scratch & Sniff these adorable smiley face stickers to smell their strong fruity scents! Reward your child or student for their speech improvements. 

Speech Sniffy Scented Stickers have cute and happy smiley faces to reward students for good speech and language! They measure 1½" and include 10 sheets of 12 stickers (120 total). You get two sheets each of five different scents. Scents include: Lemon, Cherry, Orange, Bubblegum, and Grape.

  • Scratch & Sniff Stickers
  • Smile images
  • 10 sheets
  • Sheets are one full color/scent not mixed by color
  • 120 stickers total
  • 5 scents