In The Garden Theme Sticker Club Pack *Limited-Edition*


SKU: SC522

If you didn't have a chance to join my Scratch & Sniff Sticker Club before I mailed out these awesome stickers, I have a small amount of these packs available so order yours while you can! Purchasing this item and giving a gift subscription to our Sticker Club means you have something to give that special someone on their Birthday or special occasion.

We're knee deep in the garden dirt sniffing flowers, fruits, bugs, and veggies!

This pack contained 3 Exclusive Sticker Sheets when it mailed out!

This pack contains:

  • Exclusive Hyacinth EverythingSmells Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Exclusive Tulips Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Exclusive Veggie Tales (Will you get Tomato, Cucumber or Blueberry?) Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Strawberry Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Dirt Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Summer Garden Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Licorice Bugs Scratch & Sniff Sticker
  • Happy Flowers Scratch & Sniff Sticker Sheet
  • Jumbo Watermelon Scented Sticker (Assorted images)
  • Bonus: Great7 Pearl Mushrooms Sticker Mod
  • Club Letter
  • Recycleable/Biodegradable Glassine Paper Bag

Join our Sticker Club to get more great stickers like these sent to your mailbox every month! Club Members pay only $15.99 for ALL of these stickers! Plus they get an exclusive coupon to use each month AND a chance to win a prize! It's the BEST smelling club around! And club packs ship for FREE in the U.S. (Only $3 to Canada, Australia and the UK).