Spring Scented Smen (Limited-Edition) (1 pen)

Spring Scented Smen (Limited-Edition) (1 pen)
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(All 5 shown in photo but price is for ONE pen). Spring Smens are clickable pens that write in colored glitter gel ink - available for a limited-time only! Made from recycled plastic. Each Smen is packaged in its own pre-formed soda bottle tube. Each Smen emits its scent through the unique scent vent design.

Available in 5 assorted fragrances - please let us choose. If you order 1 and have a preference you may note it during checkout and if available we will give you that scent. If you order 5 we will do our best to give you 1 of each scent. We are unable to order these by fragrance therefore we are unable to offer you the choice.

Scents include: Jelly Bean, Lemon Lime, Tangerine, Bubble Gum, and Cotton Candy

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