Smelly Facts

Did you know...

  1. Everyone has a unique smell, except for identical twins.
  2. Taste is about 75% smell.
  3. Women are born better smellers than men and remain better smellers over life.
  4. Smell acuity peaks in women at ovulation.
  5. Some people can't smell skunks, while others can't smell freesias.
  6. Smell function falls off dramatically in men after their mid-50s, a decade earlier than in women.
  7. In a recent study, men thought women wearing a Citrus Floral scent were 12 pounds lighter! Can you believe it!
  8. Recall can be enhanced if learning is done in the presence of an odor and that same odor is present at the time of the recollection. (For this reason some teachers burn chocolate scented candles in their classroom and then again at Mandatory National Tests like the SAT.)
  9. Green apple and cucumber scents create the impression of a larger space, while the scent of roasted meat creates the impression of closer quarters.
  10. Astronauts in space tend to lose their sense of smell and taste. Because of the lack of gravity, their sinuses fill up with fluid, causing stuffiness similar to a cold.
  11. The smell of lavender can help with insomnia and sleep disorders.
  12. The aroma of Green Apples can help control appetite.
  13. In a recent study, men thought women wearing a Lily of the Valley scent were 12 pounds lighter!
  14. ALL the scents in the world are created by 7 conglomerate companies and then sold to "brands."
  15. Whiffing lavender oil during your next dental visit may blur the memory of your pain. Researchers at the University of Florida College of Dentistry exposed 13 men and 13 women to uncomfortable heat and pressure on muscles in the jaw and back and then had them inhale lavender or an odorless control for 10 minutes during different sessions. The lavender oil significantly reduced the memory of pain's intensity and unpleasantness. How to use it: Shake 5 to 10 drops of lavender essential oil onto a tissue; inhale freely during dental work. - Prevention (January 2005)