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EverythingSmells was created in July of 2003 with the concept of making the world a better smelling place. We believe everyone has a favorite scent, and it is our most favorite question to ask our customers. We receive such answers as "wet dog" or "the smell of steamy pavement after a rainstorm" or "fresh cut grass." Some customers feel embarassed to reveal their favorite fragrances - but at EverythingSmells, we've heard it all. And all fragrances hold a memory, as our sense of smell is directly linked to the memory part of our brains. This is why we believe in surrounding yourself with the fragrances you find most comforting - whether it's a scented pen to use at work, a new body lotion, scratch and sniff stickers for your children, or an air freshener that keeps your home fresh and cozy year-round, we have them all.

We pride ourselves in our repeat business, our attention to detail, our super quick shipping, and the quality of our products. We even hand-sign each order receipt and place a scratch and sniff sticker at the top of each one. It's the little things in life that count, like smells! If you can smell it, we sell it!